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Guitar For Singers

As a singer, being able to accompany yourself on the guitar opens up a whole new world of opportunity.  You will be self sufficient, more marketable, and a better musician.  This class presents an organized approach to basic guitar and gaining the coordination necessary to accompany your voice.  With materials ranging from beginning to intermediate for each subject this class is suited for students of various levels.  Here are just a few things we will cover:

*Common Chords including Open Chords, Power Chords and Barre Chords

*Strumming Techniques

*Fingerpicking Techniques

*Rhythm Patterns

*Exercises for learning to sing and play

*Practice By Learning Popular Songs




Music Theory For Songwriters

In a rut as a songwriter?  Feel like everything you write sounds the same?  In this class we explore the basics of music theory in order to open up new possibilities for your songwriting.  Here are a few of the topics that are covered:

*Building Chords

*Building Chord Progressions

*Major and MInor Keys

*The Basics of Music Notation

*Analysis of the Most Commonly Used Progressions in Pop and Rock Music.











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